Following Tyson Fury’s performance against Otto Wallin at the weekend, in which the lineal heavyweight champion own father John Fury criticised. WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder believes Fury is no longer the same fighter following sharing a ring with him earlier this year.

Speaking to Barbershop Conversations, Wilder said: ‘It’s simple. Anyone that saw that fight will easily understand and recognise that he’s not the same fighter. ‘But this is what I did to him, there’s nothing he can do. I end careers. I’m the baddest man on the planet. He’s not the same fighter at all, I took something out of him.’

On the upcoming rematch, he continued: ‘I can’t wait [to fight him again]. I cannot wait. Oh my gosh. He didn’t even have the best of me. We had the best of Fury. ‘The rematch is going to be so much different. I’ve been there with him before, for one. And for two, I’m going to be at my best, I’m going to be at my most healthy. ‘It’s over for him. I cannot wait. I know his family well, his family is not going to be sleeping comfortable tonight. And when that fight do get announced and it’s signed for, they’re definitely not going to be sleeping for the whole month of them training.

The severity of Fury’s cuts has thrown their February rematch into doubt ‘And when it gets down to the week of the fight, that’s when they get their nerves, when they get the most nervous. And I understand. Because my intentions are not good when I step in the ring. My heart is not good, at all. I can’t express it enough. I am who I am.’ When it was suggested Fury would try and find a way to get out of the fight, Wilder added: ‘As he should. We’ve got his number man, he’s nothing. He’s a 6’9” clown. ‘He comes over here and tries to entertain, so he thinks he’s gonna act like a clown to get the people to laugh with him. But in his situation they’re laughing at him. And it’s now becoming sickening to see him.’