Deontay Wilder has posted a video on Instagram which is titled ‘Proof Fury didn’t make the count’ which is in reference to the knockdown Fury suffered in the 12th and final round on Saturday night.

There had been some initial debate on whether the count was long, however, this was debunked fairly quickly as replays showed Fury made the referees count. However, Wilder believes his video shows differently as you can see below.


The problem with the video is it clearly shows a timer being started before Fury even hits the canvass, most boxing fans will know a count would not start that quickly and will usually start when the opponent scoring a knockdown goes to the neutral corner. Then the referee will begin his count. Wilder did not go directly to a neutral corner and the timer in the video is started far too early.

The video has received over 17,000 comments at the time of writing, with Wilder receiving a backlash of comments from the boxing community, accusing him of “clutching at straws” and behaving “classless”

The referee in question Jack Reiss has since stated ”I knew Fury was awake because he was grimacing, by the count of 5 his eyes popped open like I startled him, 10 count doesn’t mean 10 seconds! It’s a referee’s opportunity to make sure a hurt fighter can intelligently defend himself”

Wilder v Fury is certainly a fight that has generated huge debate particularly the judges’ scorecards which will be talked about for years to come, however in terms of a long count, there should be little debate, Fury clearly made the count.