At the 02 Arena, London, Briton Dillian Whyte and Austrailian Lucas Browne went head to head with the winner taking home Whyte’s WBC silver belt and a huge boost to their world title aspirations.

In the early rounds, it was Dillian Whyte who took control, utilising quick movement, looking much faster and sharper than his opponent, who looked slow and sluggish, suffering a cut over his left eye.

In the third, both fighters opened up more, Whyte wobbled Browne but Browne landed a couple of right hands as a reminder that while he is in there he will remain dangerous, however, Whyte was looking like the superior fighter at this point.

Through the 4th and the 5th, it was all Whyte, who began to bust up and punish Browne, who at this point had a face covered in blood and was unable to get any punches off, this was looking like a complete mismatch at this point.

In the 6th round, Whyte landed a left hook that sent Browne crashing face first to the canvas motionless, it was all over, Whyte had just scored a brutal knockout over Lucas Browne which had everyone concerned about Browne’s long-term health, thankfully however after a few moments Browne managed to rise to his feet, it appears he will be ok.

Dillian Whyte knocks out Lucas Browne 

A huge statement from Dillian Whyte who has made it clear, he wants Wilder or any of the world champions next.