Former world heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Shannon Briggs shared a friendly FaceTime exchange as both prepare for bouts in 2019, Fury has invited 47-year-old Briggs to train with him when he is next in the US, presumably when he takes camp for a rematch with Deontay Wilder.

Briggs despite insisting he wants to compete for titles again has not fought since May 2016, when he featured on David Haye’s undercard in London, both have come back from depression, mental health and obesity so have a lot in common as you can see from the Instagram video below.


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I was down & out, I started saying the words let’s-go-champ repeatedly because I was alone & suffering from debilitating depression. I was 403 pounds. I was a mess. Hagen Daz Butter pecan ice cream & the krippy Kreme donuts with the raspberry filling had taken over my life. Two boxes of Frosted Flakes with the milk semi frost cold was part of my regimen as well. I was on subscription medication for depression & drinking alcohol. Being closer to suicide than ever before a friend introduced me to cannabis as a alast result. Because I was born asthmatic smoking was never my thing. At first I refused but one night I woke up and he had left a joint in my kitchen. Somehow I sparked it and after a few hits later I was crying tears all the while seeing myself in shape, back traveling the world. The next morning I cut off my hair. I had worn locks for 27 years. It was time to free me. I started walking everywhere everyday in the hot sun pushing my baby #moomoofat in the stroller. I was tired on my walk and I sat down. To get myself back up I said lets go champ. I needed a #mantra for when I wanted to give up. I needed to reprogram my brain to ignore fatigue and pain and negative thoughts. It became code word for how to get it back. How to keep going. Or to walk away. Refocus or attack. Affirmation. Things started happening and it caught on and went viral. I lost over one hundred pounds and was about to become heavyweight champion for the third time the first to do it in 3 different decades & then #Vada sent two guys came to my house at 4:27 am on Mother’s Day for blood piss hair skin spit toe nails and ear wax. I gave it up. They hit me with a six month suspension. Since then I been chillin thinking green & of a comeback all the while maintaining to make it for the family. Aside from @badoujack no one through Chizz a life jacket. Sink or swim Chizzy. And then @dean_wato said Champ I’m quitting my job. He said I want to help you with promotions I reckon it could be massive. Word for word. So yesterday @dean_wato went to meet with the @gypsyking101 and he put him on the phone with the Champ and the Champ offered to get me in camp & a fight. ❤️👊🏽

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Fury has even invited Briggs to feature on the undercard of his next bout, therefore we could see Shannon Briggs on Wilder v Fury II if it happens. Briggs holds the most 1st round knockouts for any heavyweight in history.