So far Tyson Fury had shown nothing but class and support for Anthony Joshua since his loss to Andy Ruiz, but he wasn’t so kind on ESPN podcast ‘The Sedano Show’


On the physical appearance of Andy Ruiz Jr:

‘’It’s not a body building contest, it’s about who has the most fight in their heart’’

How would a fight between Fury and Ruiz go:

”I would just jab his face off. I’m the lineal heavyweight champion, not some glass chinned body builder”

On Joshua not looking right:

‘’Even before the first bell I knew Joshua was going to lose. He looked dry, like he hadn’t warmed up properly. His body language was off, he didn’t want to be there’’

Pulling no punches:

“Can you imagine, you’re built like an Adonis, ripped, carved in stone, and a little fat guy who’s ate every Snickers in California bladders you all over? What a disgrace. If that was me, I’d never show my face in public again.”


You can hear his full call on the podcast here: