Following nearly three years out of the ring, which concluded a drugs ban, use of recreational drugs, a battle with depression and an 8 stone weight loss, it has certainly been a long and eventful road for former unified and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Many never expected ‘The Gypsy King’ to set foot in the ring again after he bloomed up in weight to in excess of 27 stone following his battle with depression, Fury was just 17.6 stone the night he recorded one of the best wins on the road for any British fighter in British boxing history, dethroning 11 year unbeaten champion Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Fury has lost 8 stone in a matter of months to get him in shape to once again step through the ropes, however, despite the incredible weight loss Fury returned a career heaviest of 276 lbs and after seeing the weigh in on Friday, it was clear Fury and his trainer Ben Davison still had work to do. Davison had admitted earlier in the week that he had “put some weight back on him” citing concerns over such a vast weight loss in such a short space of time being detrimental to his fighter.

His opponent tonight Seferi Sefer, a 39-year-old former cruiserweight contender weighed in excess of four stones lighter than Fury and was dwarfed in height by the Fury, this was certainly not expected to be a competitive fight, Sefer just there as a limited risk so Fury and his team can shake off the cobwebs, the ring rust, and gauge how far their man has come and needs to go to be able to compete at world level once again following such a long absence.

The first two rounds saw more showboating than action as Fury played to the crowd, however, the third round saw Fury letting his hands go for the first time, clearly winning the round without breaking much of a sweat. However in the fourth round Fury really begin to step up his work rate, landing hard shots, including a meaty looking uppercut which clearly hurt his opponent, the size difference was clear and it was also clear Fury’s punches were having an effect on his opponent.

At the end of the 4th,  Seferi had had enough and retired which was met with boo’s from the crowd, a successful return for the Gypsy King who still looked to move well despite such a long absence and entering the ring at career heaviest.

The journey will continue for Fury, the question will be can he get back to the level he was when he entered the ring in Dusseldorf that night If he can then the rest of the heavyweight division will be well and truly put on notice.