It has been nearly three years since Tyson Fury rose from the canvas in the 12th and final round in his first encounter with Deontay Wilder in December 2018.

In my opinion, Fury was robbed of the greatest comeback in sporting history that night as the fight was declared a draw by the three judges ringside- just months prior to that fight Fury was obese, weighing 30 stone, and battling alcohol and drug addiction. It truly was a remarkable story, not only in boxing but in the context of competitive sports and even life itself.

Two years later, a much more recovered, fitter, sharper, and stronger Fury entered the ring to face Deontay Wilder for a second time, however, this time Wilder was faced with the elite fighter Fury was prior to his mental health and addiction problems, this time there was no doubt, no judges needed, Wilder demolished convincingly inside 7 rounds by Fury.

Since that night Wilder seems to have come up with an array of excuses for the defeat and laid most of the blame on his now fired and former coach – Mark Breland. Breland had thrown in the towel in the 7th round after witnessing his fighter take a severe beat down throughout the fight, it was a selfless act by Breland who probably saved his fighter’s career, instead of being commended by his fighter post-fight, he was fired by Wilder due to being ‘weak’.

This kind of delusions of grandeur by Wilder is a concern going into this fight as there are levels in this sport and it’s a sport where these types of delusions can get people hurt, Wilder will always have that one-punch knockout power, and therefore will always be dangerous to any opponent, however, he is a technically flawed fighter – from a technical stand-point Wilder is a McDonald’s and Fury is The Ritz.

That doesn’t mean Wilder can’t win the fight, this is heavyweight boxing, it takes one punch to win a fight in this division and Wilder has freakish type punch power, so he can win, but in my opinion, he has only one way to win whereas Fury has several ways to win.

The only way I see Fury losing this fight is if he takes his eye off the ball, hasn’t trained correctly, or loses focus for a split second in the fight and Wilder lands a one-punch knockout, other than that I truly believe Wilder is in big big trouble here, even Wilder this week admitted to thinking about retirement and that retirement is “close”. Therefore I believe this could be the last time we see Deontay Wilder in a boxing ring.

I am fully expecting another dominant performance from the ‘Gypsy King’. If Wilder is to have any chance of winning this fight I think he needs to try and go for it early and catch Fury cold, however, I have a feeling he may try and maintain distance and move and counter Fury, this in my opinion will be a massive error and Fury will just dismantle him on the front foot again.

I am backing Fury by stoppage in a big way this weekend to cement and finalize what has been a rare but intriguing trilogy in the heavyweight division.