It was touted as Deontay Wilder’s toughest test to date as he put his WBC world heavyweight title on the line for the seventh time against 38-year-old Cuban Luis Ortiz at Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn, New York.

In the opening round, Wilder clearly mindful of Ortiz power as he stayed on the outside looking to land the jab and looping right hand, Ortiz showing despite his age he still has fast hands as he was able to land some quick counters from his southpaw stance.

In the second round, Ortiz was able to impose himself as he pushed Wilder back as Wilder was clearly still tentative looking to land that one big shot. In the third round, the crowd began to boo around the arena as neither fighter was prepared to commit, both falling short with their punches, however, it was Ortiz who looked more active, picking up the rounds.

In the fourth, again it was Ortiz moving forwards, landing punches while Wilder on the back foot was not really prepared to commit, he was looking for Ortiz to make a mistake so he could land a huge power punch.

In the 5th Wilder did just that, a big right hand at the end of the round had Ortiz on wobbly legs and Wilder followed up with another right hand which sent Ortiz crashing down to the canvas by the ropes, Ortiz rose complaining to the referee, but it was a clear knockdown, however, Ortiz did not seem badly hurt.

In the 6th the fight finally caught fire and Wilder finally committing and letting his hands go, both guys landing having success, now we have a fight!  In the 7th Wilder landed early in the round but at the end of the round Ortiz landed some huge combinations, badly hurting Wilder who held on for dire life for the last minute of the round, almost out on his feet, Ortiz was on the verge of becoming WBC heavyweight world champion, however Wilder saw out the round.

In the 8th Wilder managed to get through the round and appeared to recover well from the damage inflicted by Ortiz in the 7th, a great response from Wilder given the adversity he had faced in the previous round. In the 9th both guys had slowed down slightly almost reverting back to the first three rounds, towards the end of the round, however, both guys exchanged to the cheers of the crowd, this was an extremely intriguing heavyweight contest that was still on a knife-edge

Into the 10th and championship rounds, Ortiz was likely winning the fight on the scorecards, but was not out of reach, In the first minute Wilder lands a huge right hand that hurts Ortiz, he follows up and drops Ortiz hard, Ortiz rose to his feet but was badly hurt with a minute left to go, Wilder jumped straight in unleashing a barrage of punches to finish off Ortiz who dropped to the canvas hard as the referee waved off the contest.

Deontay Wilder had retained his WBC heavyweight by TKO in the 10th round, what a great heavyweight fight! both fighters should be applauded, they had not disappointed. Wilder now moves to 40-0 with 39 knockouts and looks towards the winner of Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker.

Image Credit: Deontay Wilder on Instagram